More Jobs, Better Pay

Martina knows the best way to help Northeast families is to bring good paying jobs back to our area.  In Harrisburg, she'll use her experience to support policies that help job creators so they can help us.  She will also stand up to make sure that every worker has the opportunity to succeed and earn more.


Fair Taxes

Disciplined spending and accountability to the taxpayer is Martina's objective when it comes to taxes.   She wants Philadelphia families to keep more of their hard earned money so they can spend it on what's most important to them.  That's why Martina will seek ways to provide taxpayers a better value for every tax dollar spent.


Strong and Effective Schools

Martina will go to Harrisburg and fight for the funding we need to make Philadelphia's schools strong and effective.  Whether it's preparing for the job market, for college, or for the trades, Martina wants every student to be ready and able to succeed.


A Better Quality of Life

From supporting our police, fire fighters, and EMTs to making sure we have parks for our kids and senior centers for older residents, Martina will always work for what makes life better here in the Northeast.

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